Chimney Supplies
Are you a chimney sweep or would like to get into the industry. you can purchase your equipment at the following chimney supply companies. The chimney suppy industry is vast and supplies can be found at the following links. If you would like to add a link, visit our on-line forum and post your request on our chimney suppliers thread.

If you are looking into becoming a chimney sweep, the best was to learn about the industry is to learn about fireplaces. In our opinion, the best and one of the most respected programs out there is the FIRE inspector program. This intense, fireplace inspection and training program is offered by Dale Feb. More information regarding this program is found at the link to the left.

National Chimney Supply is a friendly bunch of gentlemen. Call Dennis at 1-301-897-8481 and ask him about your special prices.

Copperfield is one of the first chimney supply companies in the industry. Their customer service is excellent. Call 1-800-247-3305 and have them ship you a copperfield chimney catalog.

Olympia Chimney Supply has some really great chimney liners. Give them a call for chimney liner needs.

Lindemann Chimney Supply is hot in the southern states. Give them a call at 1-866-450-3111.


   WAKEFIELD BRUSH CO. : Chimney cleaning equipment for the professional chimney sweep. Brushes, Rods, Accessories, Attachments, Hand Tools, Custom Products, and Collectibles.

A Step in Time Chimney Cleaners is a fast way to become a chimney sweep. Company is on the verge of franchising nationwide.